transform skin with light.

Photofacial helps destroy many types of skin pigment such as melanin. Or hemoglobin, which is the cause of redness on the face and corrects various skin problems At the same time

By improving dullness and redness along the way You will get the original skin condition or skin radiance. And also helps produce collagen, which makes the skin beautiful, smooth, firm from the inside

The advantage is the short duration of treatment. Hardly does any damage to the skin. The effect of washing your face or makeup after treatment is minimal.

Why does the light make my skin beautiful?

When the photofacial light hits the target that causes skin problems (melanin Or capillaries, etc.), the energy from light is converted into heat and dealt with those problems. Because the photofacial light will only respond to the target. Causing no damage to other areas of the skin and it also helps to increase collagen in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin.


Spots / freckles Due to melanin deposition from exposure to ultraviolet radiation or dryness.

Photofacial® irradiation over the whole body, one service takes about 15 minutes.

The skin begins to work from the power of light. Improve the damaged skin condition and gives firmness to the skin again

The difference between IPL and laser treatment

Aesthetic medicine that corrects skin problems such as facial redness, typically using photofacials and lasers.
PhotoFacial® light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) has a completely different effect from laser. It is necessary to have a medical consultation to suit your needs or symptoms.

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Photo Facial

 IPL PhotoFacial is a shot of light called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) onto the skin to help lighten skin dullness, flawiness, blackheads or other concerns. About the skin disappeared or can be called a beautiful skin treatment.

After the treatment, you can make up as usual.

No need to wait for recovery.

Photo Facial & Vitamins

 This treatment is suitable for those who are worried about wrinkles, sagging or blackheads. It also helps tighten the skin and whiten. With 2 ml of vitamin supplement, all 2 tubes!

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Bust make treatment

The cold breast treatment is ...

With a special kind of light that stimulate the breast area, it helps to create female hormones. Also helps to improve blood and lymph circulation. Thus bringing the breasts back to tighten into a shape that makes them look beautiful and charming. Just one treatment! You can feel the difference. Great for when wearing a boat neck or an open collar, like before a wedding or a party!

Bust treatment menu

With the process of irradiation of IPL light onto the back and chest area. It will stimulate the circulation of estrogen (or female hormone), which within our blood, supports breast growth and its also effective in helping collagen regenerate. Thus making the chest firmness.

Bust treatment with hand

With this breast treatment that helps the lymph from the back to the neck drains better!

Manage and take care of the breakdown of the membrane and shape the breast.

Premium bust treatment

Start by radiating light on the back&chest to stimulate cell function, and followed by breast treatment with palm for about 30 minutes.

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