BIBI is confident in efficiency
on hair removal service!!

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Declaration No.1 The price is worth.
Declaration No.1 Efficiency hair removal.
Declaration No.1 Beautiful and smooth skin.
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The definitive edition of comprehensive beauty equipment that pursues safety, security, and results and also has excellent cost performance!

Short time, low cost, excellent effect.

The industry's only cooling gel-free epilator "NEQST" With easy operation, you can satisfy a wide range of people from men to kids as well as ladies.

Hair removal

There is no need to apply or wipe off the gel, and irradiation with a minimum interval of 0.5 sec, completes the entire body hair removal in 30 minutes. which is the same as the slide type. With only 9 levels of power adjustment, it can handle all unwanted hair from women's downy hair to VIO (delicate zones) that are in high demand and of course men's beards! Customers will be satisfied with the fantastic results!


In addition to the action of light, you can instantly see the small face effect such as lift-up and transparency with cooling beauty that instantly cools the skin. By repeating it several times, it could help you from itching, dullness, reddish face, acne scars, and pore opening problems. You will not feel any discomfort.

Bust Make 

By using a large sapphire, which is not found in handpiece on other epilator. The light transmission is significantly improved. Not only can you make the bust bigger with just one "NEQST", but you can also make the bust itself more beautiful shape. You can feel the unprecedented surprise which never experience before!


Hair removal procedure


> Hair cycle

Effective hair removal should be done with the hair cycle. This is because there are three stages in the hair cycle: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen, but the hair removal machine responds only to "growth" hair, which has a high melanin pigment. BIBI asks customer to remove hair once every 3 to 5 weeks according to the hair cycle.

> Changes After Hair Removal