Q&A Frequently asked questions

About Hair Removal

Q : This is my first hair removal ... it'll be okay?

A : To give customer the most comfortable service, we have free counseling before service and pre-test before the treatment. Please feel free to contact us.

Q : Is the light of the hair removal machine harmful to the body?

A : The treatment is performed with a machine that uses visible light, harmless to the body. It does not cause sunburn or increase the risk of getting sick like UV rays.

Q : I have weak skin. Is it possible to remove hair?

A : It is possible. Our hair removal method is a "skin-friendly method" that does not directly damage the skin. In addition, before the treatment, we always check customer’s skin quality and condition before starting. If you have any concerns such as skin problems, please contact us at the time of counseling.

Q : Can I remove hair even during pregnancy?

A : Your skin and body are sensitive during pregnancy. We do not recommend to do the treatment because the hair removal effect is less likely to occur due to the influence of hormone balance.

Q : Isn't hair thickening due to hair loss?

A : Hair removal does not eventually thicken the hair. However, as the hair is removed, it rarely becomes thicker temporarily due to the hardening of the hair. Please be assured that it will become thinner as the number of times increases.

Q : VIO hair loss is so embarrassing. How do you perform the procedure?

A : Female staff will do it. Here is the VDO of the treatment.

Q : How old can kids hair be removed?

A : Hair removal for children is possible from 7 years old.

◆About reservation and payment

Q : How can I make a reservation?

A : Please make a reservation through official LINE account, SNS, phone, or booking form on website.

Q : Is it possible to do the treatment on the day of the contract?

A : After receiving counseling, you can do the treatment if the schedule is free.

Q : What are the payment methods?

A : You can choose to pay by cash or credit card. If you would like other payment methods, please contact us at the time of counseling.

◆About the campaign

Q : Please tell me more about the friend invitation discount.

A : Discounts will be applied according to the contract plan. Please contact us for more details.